Forum How-To

Welcome to the Forums!

The forums are intended to give Maine mothers an outlet to connect with other mothers. The forums are defined by group, meaning each individual group has its own discussion forum. To post within a forum, you must become a member of the group. This keeps members’ conversations separated into distinct areas, from Trying to Conceive to Infertility, to Breastfeeding, Raising Teens and more.

Some groups are private due to the topic and discussions. It will be noted on the group page whether the group is public or private. Public group posts may be visible to anyone who visits the site. Private group posts are visible only to members within that group.

In using the forums, we ask that you be kind to others members and not use harsh language. If we feel your posts are inappropriate, they may be removed by a moderator at any time. Please also remember that while it is great to get advice from other mothers, for medical matters we always advise that you seek the advice or your doctor or child’s doctor first. cannot be held liable for the outcome of any advice given or actions taken based upon advice received from the forums.

Once you become a member of, visit the forums and request to become a member of any group you wish to join. Then, feel free to post and share with other Moms interested in the same subject! Visit the Forums now.