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By | July 19, 2012

Tell us about yourself and your family.

runningMy name is Katie Fearebay. I am 24 years old and I am a stay at home mom. I grew up in Massachusetts and spent vacation time in Maine every summer.  My Husband, Shaun, grew up in Maine with his family. When I was 26 weeks pregnant with our first daughter, we made the move from Florida to Auburn, ME. We now have two daughters, Kaylee (22 months) and Alyssa (6 months).  We love to spend time together outdoors – in our backyard or out at the lake.

At first, being a stay at home mom was everything I thought it would be. I got to stay in my pajamas all day, take naps, skip washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and laundry (I had a new baby after all!) But, eventually that new baby became a big baby and suddenly things weren’t as easy as I thought they would be. When Kaylee was 6 months old, we found out I was pregnant with Alyssa. Before I knew it, I was 9 months pregnant chasing around a one year old!  I kept thinking to myself, “What was I thinking?”

Along comes Alyssa, and it was clear that two babies is harder than one baby! My days consisted of changing diapers, nursing, feeding my toddler, feeding myself, laundry, potty training and scooping up cat poop.  I was so overwhelmed and desperately needed some ME time! Without the girls, without their dad, just me! That’s when I decided to start Auburn Moms RUN This Town. Thank goodness I did, because I am 100% happier today because of it!

Tell us more about Moms RUN This Town.

Moms RUN This Town is a running club for moms to support and motivate you in your running journey! It doesn’t matter if you are a walker or a runner…. someone who has never raced before or a marathoner… a mom to humans or a mom to pets… We just want to surround you with like-minded women who have a passion for staying happy and healthy!!

My chapter of Moms RUN This Town is called Auburn Moms RUN This Town. We are currently the only chapter in Maine. We have members from Auburn, Lewiston, Lisbon Falls, Turner, and other close by towns. We get together once or twice a month for a group run. We have a Facebook group for members to post when they will be walking or running so anyone who is free can join them. Mostly we support each other, cheer each other on, share local race events, and motivate each other.

My favorite thing about Moms RUN This Town is having other moms to run with, train with, and talk to. So many moms have told me they would love to start exercising but they have no one to do it with. Everyone loves company! It took me months of saying I was going to start running before I actually got out my running shoes and did it. I was so afraid and so self-conscious of what I looked like running around my neighborhood all by myself.  At first I would only run pushing my double jogging stroller with the girls because at least I wasn’t alone.  It took me two months before I would run by myself. That’s why this group is so important to me, I don’t want other moms to wait that long, I want to give them a place to find people to run with!

Why do you think fitness is so important?

I think fitness is so important for many reasons. As parents, our first priority is to take care of our children and in order for us to do that we really need to be taking care of ourselves. Fitness will increase mental sharpness and concentration, it will help your self-esteem, it helps prevent a lot of health care problems, and it gives you increased energy (What mom couldn’t use more energy?)

There are so many more benefits and so many great ways to get and stay fit. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t need to run marathons or spend hours at the gym. You can just take a walk after dinner or ride your bike up and down the street every night and you will gain so much from doing that!

Where does your passion for running and fitness come from?

I have always been active starting at a really young age. I played soccer for ten years. I love to swim and ride my bike.  Naturally after high school I started doing less activities and more work.  When I became a mother I would only walk occasionally and started doing yoga. After my second child was born I felt very stressed out, overwhelmed and even depressed at times. Running became my outlet. I desperately needed something that I could be passionate about and would make me happy. Running does that for me. With running I am able to set goals for myself, push myself, and be proud of myself. Even if I go out and have a bad run, I still got out and did something! That’s something to be proud of! I have noticed a huge difference in myself since I started running. I am much happier and I have more energy and more patience.  I am a better person and mother because of it and that is why I am so passionate about running!

Why do you think it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle with our children?

Our children deserve the best. If we teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle they will benefit from it. I think now more than ever because obesity rates in children are so high parents really need to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Why do you think Maine is a great place to raise children?

I love Maine! No matter what kind of activities you and your children like to do, you can do it all here! In the summer you can enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, water sports. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice fishing and so much more! I think it is such a great place to raise children because you can spend so much family time outdoors. With computers, and video games I think a lot of kids isolate themselves indoors. I think it’s important that our kids get outside and play!

I also have to say that we moved to Maine when I was pregnant with my oldest child because we felt it was the best place to raise a family, it’s safer than a lot of other places, the school systems are better compared to other places and it’s just a beautiful place to be!

How can we get involved in your organization?

You can join Auburn Moms RUN This Town by going to our website:

If you don’t live in or around Auburn you can start your own chapter in Maine by visiting the national Moms RUN This Town website:

Also Auburn MRTT is hosting a Virtual 5K called Maine Moms RUN.  A virtual race is a “race” that can be run anywhere you are – no specific starting time or starting place… They have specific dates, or sometimes the dates will range a week or two to give you time to finish it.  Just pick your favorite place to run and RUN. Our Virtual race can be done on any day in September. You can run alone or in a group.

After you run your race, you submit your results (time and distance) to and we will pick random winners using to give out prizes.

Registering for our race is the perfect way to support us and help spread the word! The race webpage where you can register and find more information is

We also have a Facebook page set up for our event :


Auburn Moms RUN This Town is sponsored by: Maine Running Company, Revelation Massage, Salonpas, Road ID, Elemental Essence, and Macaroni Kid. Follow them on Facebook here:

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